ICE Raids Texas Tech Company

You’ve heard the news. In the largest raid in over a decade, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained more than 280 employees. That’s close to 70% of the employees at CVE Technology Group (CVE) in Allen, Texas. The reason was suspicion of working illegally in the United States. ICE sent 110 of those workers to federal detention centers. They temporarily released the remaining employees for humanitarian reasons. (Humanitarian reasons include medical issues or being the sole caretaker for another person, often a child.)

Why the raid?

ICE received multiple tips that some workers had used fraudulent documents in the hiring process. They also suspected that CVE, an electronic devices repair company, was aware it was hiring undocumented immigrants. So, following up on the tips, ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations division began auditing the CVE’s I-9s in January. The investigators found numerous irregularities in those hiring documents. According to a news release from ICE, special agents from that agency executed criminal search warrants at CVE and four of their staffing companies.

The raid highlights this administration’s continued efforts to crackdown on unauthorized immigration to the US.

What does this mean for employers?

It’s time to be vigilant about compliance. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS) requires employers to correctly complete and retain Form I-9 for every employee. This includes reviewing and accepting documents that establish both an employee’s identification and employment authorization. According to the USCIS Handbook for Employers, “… USCIS does not expect you to be a document expert. You are expected to accept documents that reasonably appear to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting them.”

Still, employers must carefully review documents presented to them. A list and images of many acceptable documents are available on the USCIS I-9 Central website.

Are your I-9s ready for an audit?

Do you have everything ready if ICE knocks at your door? What can you do to prepare for an audit and to ensure your records are complete? I-9 Central has a number of sections to help you with completing, storing, and responding to an inspection of your files. It also includes a section on avoiding common mistakes made by both employees and employers.

Electronic Form I-9

The Form I-9 is full of places where mistakes can be made. A sixty-nine page manual for a 2-3 page form attests to that!

Electronic Form I-9s can help reduce errors and makes storage and retrieval for an audit quick and easy. Our Sage HRMS HR Actions Form I-9 will lead you step-by-step as you complete the form with its hover help text providing information for each field. And, after the form is finished, our product helps ensure compliance by automatically checking the document and flagging the majority of improper entries. For example, simple mistakes like forgetting to check a required box or entering the date of completion in an incorrect format, are flagged so you can correct them before saving the document. As small as such mistakes seem, they can add up to substantial fines.

Find out more

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Mary van Balen
Mary van Balen
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