Updates for My Workforce Analyzer

Beginning in Q4, the Import button in ACA forms in My Workforce Analyzer (MWA) will change to an Import/Export button. This enables users to export parts two and three of the 1095-C form, change the data in the CSV format, and import it on the same user interface. This feature will especially benefit those who work with large groups of employees, allowing employers to export/import employee forms instead of manually changing each form one at a time in the system.

Earlier updates

Sage made other changes in MWA in the Q2 2016 Release Notes for Sage HRMS 2015 U.S. Payroll. (No updates to MWA were included in the Q3 Release Notes.)

Company Information in Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix

MWA now transfers the contact telephone number to the Company and Contact phone fields in the Company Information window of the ACA Setup Wizard.

Transition Relief Settings on ACA Form 1094-C

You can specify 4980H Transition Relief, leave the Part III detail blank, and continue to Aatrix without receiving an error from MWA. (Section 4980H Transition Relief remains required information before you can continue in the Aatrix ACA Setup Wizard.)

Hours of Service for Terminated Employees

The renamed panel on Dashboards and Analysis (changed from “Measurement period hours” to “Monitoring hours of service”) now shows the hours of service in each month, regardless of the employee’s termination status.

Employment Status Menus

Now named “Employee Status,” these drop-down menus have new selections: All, Active, Dependent (COBRA), LOA, Not Employee, and Terminated employees.

Employee Totals on Federal Form 1094-C, Part III

Estimated employee totals no longer populate the Total EE count field on lines 23 through 35. To update the field, you should refer to IRS 2015 Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

Additional enhancements

The Q2 Release Notes also included enhancements for the online dashboards and analysis functionality of MWA. While improving the ease-of-use for popular features, the updates removed little-used functionality. For more details on this and the changes listed above, read the “What’s New” release notes.



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