Employee Flexibility

We believe in managing people based on results, not by their presence—a key to helping us optimize performance. With the rise of mobile technology, we have embraced the idea that work is no longer confined to the walls of an office building. We believe this gives our employees more flexibility and a better work-life balance, ultimately translating to better results for our valued clients.




Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We invest in the tools necessary for our staff to deliver a high quality level of service remotely in order to pass on those savings to our clients. While sometimes an in-person, on-site meeting is necessary and recommended by our team, it’s often not necessary and only adds additional costs to the project. We’ll carefully judge each situation with our client, and decide together how we might best collaborate.




Our Commitment to the Environment  

By developing a connected remote workforce using web collaboration tools, Delphia Consulting has been able to successfully reduce unnecessary travel costs and eliminate the expense of brick-and-mortar overhead. More importantly, this strategy coincides with our continued commitment to develop environmentally-friendly solutions like Sage HRMS HR Actions, web-based software that transforms the way HR handles traditionally paper-intensive processes.