The words "SCAM ALERT" written in white all capital letters on a green arrow that is part of a group of arrows pointing to the right.If you are a Sage Abra Suite user, you may have been contacted by phone or in an email by scammers posing as Sage business partners warning you that, beginning this month, Sage Abra Suite is no longer supported and that you need to switch to a different solution right away. This is not true!


Phishing scam

The scammers are not affiliated with Sage in any way. They are affiliated with Sage competitors and are using this false information to convince Sage Abra Suite users to leave Sage and purchase their products.

Continued support for Abra Suite

Using customer emails, in-product messaging, and posting in both Sage City and Sage Knowledge Base, Sage is reaching out to its long-time customers, assuring them that it will continue to support Sage Abra Suite as it has in the past, providing compliance and quarterly updates.

There is no need to switch to another solution.

No security breach

When someone receives a phishing call or email, they might assume that the organization they do business with has experienced a security breach making their data available to others to use for such schemes. Sage wants to make sure that its customers know this is not the case here. This scam is not related to a security breach. Sage takes precautions against such a breach and protects your information as a Sage customer.

What to do if you receive this phishing call or email

If you receive one of these scamming calls or emails, contact your Account Manager at Delphia Consulting or our  Support team to discuss what to do. At this time, Sage is aware of only Abra customers being targeted. If you are not an Abra user but have received a scamming call or email, please contact us.

Mary van Balen
Mary van Balen
Technical Writer at Delphia Consulting
Mary is our copy editor and writes for the Delphia blog on Human Resources issues and product news.